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Oh no! Just got asked on a (better?) Valentine's Day first date! Can I cancel?


24F, got asked out on a Valentine's Day date a week ago by an old fling (someone I dated years ago, always liked each other, went out some times but timing was bad).

Today a guy who is friends with my roommate that I've had a crush on for a long time, asked me out!

Can I cancel on first date? He didn't seem that into it, it was more like "I'm free, you're free, let's go out." On the other hand, he's not a very expressionable person. My roommate's friend didn't ask me sooner because he had been dating someone and they just broke up, he said he felt weird asking someone out for such a big day but he didn't like the idea of me spending the night alone (I hadn't told him I had a date because I felt like our conversation was going in that direction).


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Let My Boobs OUT!!

Everytime my boyfriend and I have sex, he never takes the initiative to take off my bra... that’s weird right? I feel like that should really be step 1. I always have to do it! It makes me feel like maybe he’s just not that into what I got! I mean...they’re not huge...but they’re perky and i like them for gods sake!!!! He doesn’t even suck on them at all. I’m feeling very deprived and insecure. Boobs are supposed to be a big deal to guys, but apparently not to mine....and he only ever wants to do it doggy-style....maybe I’m being paranoid, but I feel like this behavior is hinting that...I don’t know...maybe he’s gay. Am I crazy??


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Ok ladies...letssss be real. Who don’t love to be on top?!! It’s the fuckin best. You’re in control, it’s easier to orgasm, and it’s just damn sexy! Now, I have always felt this way, but one encounter made me backtrack a little to the shy side. I’ve always been confident in bed, but a line was crossed that day. So I was doing the Deed, and it was really great. It had been going on for a while so I decided it was time to get on up there and finish the job. So I’m doing what I do and the fella starts to get very animalistic, which I just love. But...you know how guys usually spread your butt cheeks when you’re on top? Well, this guy was unaware that my buttcheeks were actually attached to my body, and he was spreading them just a bit too far. I didn’t say anything, cuz ya know.. a lil pain ain’t so bad. But them BAM...it ripped. He ripped my asshole. It became a slit rather than a hole in one fatal second. I screamed even though it didn’t bleed that much, but the little amount was enough to send me over the edge. I immediately kicked the guy out despite his 100s of apologies. I went to the bathroom, and yes...I knew then serious damage had been done. I had to get a couple stitches, and it was the worst day of my life. I could feel the nurse snickering thinkin I was some kind of butt-hound. I was just a gal tryna get mine...but alas...we’re all fragile I guess. Anyone?...

Always looking for someone better...

I'm a 28 year old guy and I'm always looking for someone better.

I find these awesome girls then I ditch them because I don't want to settle down, but I'm finally starting to wonder...is it time? Is something wrong with me? None of my friends are single, plenty are on their way to engaged/married.

Indian Spice

if i eat spicy food will my... you know... taste spicy? ive been seein this guy for a few months and um... we like to.... you know... go down under a LOTt.

he doesn’t like spicy food... so i dont want him to be.. surprised. or for him to hate me because i had a rogue lunch. lemme know?

i won’t give up

this is my boyfriend’s third time in jail and i’m not sure when he is going to make it out. we’ve been together for six years and he’s been in jail off and on for four of them. i love him so much and it’s really not his fault that he keeps getting but back in. he really is just always misunderstood and the police just don’t give him time to fully explain himself. the first time he really just needed some cash to pay the rent, as his roommate was supposed to front his $550 and didn’t.his roommate is his best friend and has been since they were small kids. his best friend actually is able to pay his rent because his mom gives him the money, so my boyfriend thought he would just skip a step and write out one of the mom’s checks to himself for the amount that his roommate owed. well then the mom called the cops because all of a sudden there was a sum of money missing from her bank account and my boyfriend was taken in for forgery. it was all just a huge misunderstanding. the second time he was working at a car dealership and his boss told him if he wanted he could take any of the cars for a spin. one night after work he decided to take his boss up on the offer. when his boss stopped by work later that evening and realized one of the cars was missing he called the police. my boyfriend got scared when the cops started chasing him so he ended up trying to lose them, as he knew they wouldnt listen and understand. after he got out the second time we had a long conversation about how this had to be the end of it... things were good for a while and he even got down on one knee and proposed. he just got taken in again yesterday... i don’t even know what for yet. i really don’t know what to do. i cant keep waiting on him to get his life together... but i desperately want to make it work. anybody else ever go thru anything like this?

Chi-Town Dating?

I’m looking for a real perfect date in Chicago. I’ve never been and I’m going with some friends. We’re a mixed group and I’m sorta dating a girl goin. I’m trying not to do the things that are typically Chicagoan. What are the “hipsters” doing in town? Do they go to Navy Pier? I doubt it. Any fun bars or weird places to eat downtown? Where is Wrigley Field? I guess all these questions can be answered with Google searches, so really I’m just asking for some unique dating ideas for Windy City. Where do we have to go?

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